University Project


Project Status: Prototype Finished

My final project for university:

The goal of the project was to develop a video game that simulates virtual cities and virtual people, and puts the player in charge of managing businesses and teaches them how to grow the business and benefit the surrounding area in the process.

Using Virtual Economies to Show Impact of Businesses by will lanniganThe game starts the player off on an empty randomly generated island, from here the player can select a part of the island to create a town. Once a town has been created the player can leave the island view and go to the town view.

In town view the player can see all of the citizens of the town moving about the town. The goal of the project is to keep the people happy, they are happy is they have a job, home, and money for food. The player affects the world by creating towns and zoning areas in the town for residential, jobs and roads.




The project, in it’s current state, allows the players to build towns and zone jobs for the people. The people then get money from the jobs, build a house on an available lot and start to upgrade the appearance of their house.

If I were to expand the project, I would add supply and demand to the jobs as well as currency, to assist the player in buying town upgrades.